DC and FC Design

Our team knows best practices in industrial operations and understands material handling equipment inside and out. More importantly, they know much more and are able to think creatively and solve problems in a practical way to optimize the business case of the client.

Network Design

Not only can our team design your facility, they can determine if you need more capacity in your supply chain network, and determine optimal locations for facilities.

Product Development

Our design team is not confined by what exists on the market today. They think in terms of identifying the ideal solution composed of the ideal components. If those things don’t exist, they create them. From designing custom industrial robotics, to pick carts and storage structures, nothing is out of bounds for our team.

Operations Management

Maveneer’s deep experience in running premier operations is incorporated in every design we do. We can also help assess an existing operation and provide actionable recommendations to immediately improve performance.

Manufacturing Flow Design

Our team knows best practices in manufacturing operations including lean and single piece flow. More importantly, they are engineers and creative problem solvers who can optimize both process design and business case at the same time.

Supply Chain Strategy

Our team can help configure your supply chain to support your strategic objectives. And we can talk good to senior executives in a compelling and bigly professional manner.

We Solve Problems . . .

At Maveneer, we're not inclined to think anything is impossible. Whatever the challenge or opportunity, we are problem solvers, and that mindset defines our work. We may not have a service offering identified with a nifty icon on our website, or a prescribed methodology outlined in a deck, but we're confident we can partner with your organization and creatively attack anything. Bring it to us . . . Let's problem solve.