About us

Maveneer is a design consultancy that specializes in creating the most effective supply chains from the ground up. We are a small team of multi-discipline experts who each possess deep experience inside and outside the traditional supply chain realms. Small teams and diverse experience allows for products to be delivered in a fraction the time of competitors and at substantially lower cost.

We are sometimes referred to as consultants, sometimes as engineers. We are those things and more. We are coders, builders, roboticists, hackers, hands-on operators, problem solvers and leaders. Our team has experience running the best operations in logistics, designing cutting edge technology, and collaborating with senior executives to effect strategic change. We have team members with advanced technical and business degrees from the best universities in the world, automation builders, licensed professional engineers, former military officers, and those who have managed premier design firms and equipment manufacturers. This arsenal of experiences and skillsets concentrated in a flexible team opens the door to creating superior results. But we are more than just a collection of resume bullets. Most importantly, our team members are creative, independent thinkers, who are immune to unquestioningly falling in step with the latest business buzzwords and fads. We develop deep technical and business understanding of the problems we tackle at the most fundamental level, and then solve problems from the ground up.

We design from a ‘what’s the best possible solution’ mindset, which means we sometimes develop unconventional designs, but we always create what is best for the customer. “Unconventional” often just means assembling standard methods or technologies in an unfamiliar or creative configuration, to provide distinct advantages over conventional run of the mill designs. Our focus on ideal solutions not only leads to better designs but allows us to get there faster. This rapid and flexible design approach means we can support smaller and more nimble organizations than would typically work with large multi-national supply chain consulting firms.

A glimpse into our philosophy and principles

Everyone talks about how they value honesty, confidentiality, integrity, and excellence. As important as those things are, they don’t let you see what makes a firm unique. The following elements of our corporate philosophy give an idea of who we are...

Rules of thumb

Rules of thumb promote mediocrity and make it impossible to find creative solutions. Leave the rules behind and innovate, by actually understanding how things work at a fundamental level. Doing so has a way of making assumed constraints disappear.


We always ensure broad, healthy, transparent communication in everything we do. If you find yourself using BCC communication frequently, then you aren’t adhering to this principle.


Opportunities and problems require work. Stop the conjecture, roll up your sleeves and get to work. Mediocre teams will spend hours debating whether an idea will work or not. Someone open minded, unbiased, and talented can usually spend 10 minutes doing actual work to demonstrate whether that same idea is feasible or not.

Anything is possible

“That’s not going to work,” is a euphemism for “I’m not smart enough to figure out how to make it work.” Just because you can’t figure it out, doesn’t mean someone else can’t.

Candor and brevity

We value candor and brevity. We will get to the point quickly and openly.


Speed is currency. Our partners value high quality work delivered expediently.


“I don’t know,” is just as valuable as knowing; the latter still requires an open mind and flexibility.


We get to the root of issues and avoid addressing symptoms.


Although we are very good at what we do, we believe someone out there is better than us. That acknowledgement drives us to improve every day.

Collaboration and individuals

We value teams and encourage collaboration; it diversifies understanding, extends creativity, and sparks new ideas. But, work is only really done by individuals. Effective teams must find the right balance between collaborating and getting things done.

IT policy

If you lack the ability to provide IT support for your own computer hardware and software, you probably shouldn’t work for an engineering design firm.


We strive to understand and solve problems by the many dimensions they embody. Rarely just two, and certainly never a single point. We must first understand the true complexity of a problem in order to make things simpler, and then communicate clearly so anyone can understand.


We value ability over experience or credentials, and believe this creates a talent base that produces better solutions and superior innovation.


High performance should be rewarded; in creative design work, the best can perform 10x the average.

Our actions ultimately demonstrate our values, not mission statements or wall posters.