Superior design

Deep design experience across widely varied industries, combined with extremely creative team members, ensures designs are tailored to the specific needs of each client.

Faster results

We complete designs in a fraction the time of typical firms. The client is most often the limit on how quickly designs are completed.

Integrated value

Business case justification is integrated into the design process, ensuring designs meet expectations and the benefits are clearly understood.

Some of our Clients

Blue Apron
Harry and David

Who We Are

Maveneer is a design consultancy that specializes in creating the most effective supply chains from the ground up. We are a small team of multi-discipline experts who each possess deep experience inside and outside the traditional supply chain realms. Small teams and diverse experience allows for products to be delivered in a fraction the time of competitors and at substantially lower cost.

We design from a ‘what’s the best possible solution’ mindset, which means we sometimes develop unconventional designs, but we always create what is best for the customer. “Unconventional” often just means assembling standard methods or technologies in an unfamiliar or creative configuration, to provide distinct advantages over conventional run of the mill designs. Our focus on ideal solutions not only leads to better designs but allows us to get there faster.

Our rapid and flexible design approach means we can support smaller and more nimble organizations than would typically work with large multi-national supply chain consulting firms.

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We Might Be A Good Fit If You Need...

A Business Case

You believe your MHE investment should come with a quantifiable business case.



There is a need to move fast.


Custom Solutions

Your situation is unique and typical solutions don’t apply. If you’ve been told “that can’t be done” or been pitched stale designs as if they’re custom, we can help.


Straight Forward Solutions

Your situation is not unique, but you need a talented team to get it right fast, the first time.


Help Navigating Ambiguity

You need a partner who can navigate ambiguity (poor data, differing opinions among stakeholders, sensitive environments) but drive to meaningful outputs.


Reduced Risk

Making a small investment up front is worth mitigating long term risk.



Million Dollars Installed