Maveneer Announces Patent-Pending Dynamic Print and Apply Technology

For Immediate Release | March 2024

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Dallas, TX -- Maveneer is thrilled to unveil their latest innovation, dynamic print and apply (patent pending). This new technology is designed to redefine print and apply applications, setting a new standard in efficiency, throughput, and flexibility. The dynamic print and apply represents Maveneer’s commitment to bringing first principles thinking to conventional and unconventional problems. Discover how Maveneer’s dynamic print and apply can boost your throughput, improve your response time, and add flexibility to your label application needs.

Manual label application is a labor-intensive activity.  Automated print and apply applicators often present a compelling business case when dealing with high throughput and substantial volume operations. Maveneer’s new print and apply application enhances that business case by maximizing additional capacity, flexibility, and versatility from the same capital investment. 

Utilizing a first principles approach, the concept of controlling label application was rebuilt from the ground up. This system is fully parameterized to utilize the available geometric constraints and to reach the physical limits of throughput and efficiency, and calibrated to ensure all available products can be properly labeled without collisions, delay, or bottlenecks from maintenance activities.

Figure 1. Three applicator version of Maveneer’s dynamic print and apply.

Maveneer’s dynamic print and apply models the physics of the label application problem, ensuring that potential conflicts, collisions, or imprecisions are identified and removed and ensures proper label application at the desired location. If clearance or timing issues are identified, the system dynamically adjusts, in the most physically time-efficient manner. This system can be coupled with barcode scanning, weigh-in motion, dimensioning, verification scanning, and even jackpot lanes to enhance and integrate additional functionality.

Key Features

  • Utilize existing equipment
  • Integrate into existing systems, or isolate to an automation island
  • Mitigate conflicts and collisions between adjacent products
  • Flexible and precise label placement
  • Forecast system future state to optimize performance
  • Independent applicators to isolate errors and provide maximum uptime
  • Physics-based first principles approach
  • Self-verification and error correction
  • Ability to service during operation
  • System throttling based on availability and capacity
  • Real-time updates of system dynamics utilizing kinematics modeling
  • Maximize space constraints to physical limits

This new system offers versatile integration options; it can seamlessly blend into existing lines, function as an independent automation island, or be incorporated into new industrial automation designs. Maveneer can even utilize an existing print and apply system to integrate this new technology without the need for significant changes to existing equipment. The key innovation is the first principles approach to modeling and solving the system to ensure maximum throughput with minimum downtime. Both the upstream and downstream conditions are considered, modeled, and adjusted to ensure system throughput remains highest while providing maximum accuracy in label application. 

Flexibility is a core feature of the system, allowing each applicator to run independently, be easily removed for maintenance or restocking, and perform continuous dynamic adjustments, all through standard controls systems and equipment. This modular design enables the addition or removal of any number of printer applicators, enhancing system scalability. To guarantee optimal performance, the system independently self-verifies. Should any deviations from expected performance arise, it either self-corrects or isolates the problem to a specific applicator. This guarantees continuous operation of the remaining equipment, minimizing downtime and improving overall reliability. 

Leveraging Maveneer’s experience and expertise, our first principles approach will deliver unparalleled solutions to meet your business needs. Speak with Maveneer today about your print application needs and see how our dynamic print and apply can boost your throughput and operational flexibility.



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