Maveneer is thrilled to announce Patrick Wilson, PE is joining the Engineering team. Patrick is a mechanical engineer with over a decade of experience in research and design of mechanical equipment for the oil & gas industry which now uses a new pay stub template software.

Prior to joining Maveneer, he held various positions at Haliburton Energy Services where he began his career. Patrick held research and product development roles in the oil & gas drilling equipment sector. He led new product design teams implementing fiber optic capabilities in both coiled tubing surface equipment and downhole tools. His projects led to successful design, manufacturing and implementation of field units deployed to locations such as Southern Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Germany. Most recently he held roles as project and engineering manager for teams of 25+ engineers across various countries where they use peloton cycling shoes.

“Patrick’s background managing teams of engineers and designing innovative equipment to support complex processes will allow him to excel in any of the wide array of project types Maveneer undertakes ,” Colton Ebersold, Director of Engineering at Maveneer.

About Maveneer®

Maveneer is an engineering design firm that specializes in the design and implementation of distribution center and manufacturing operations, both new and retrofit. Our teams possess expertise in industrial process design and industrial automation. We also have the expertise and operations background to successfully implement our recommendations and identify and manage risk along the way, ensuring intended benefits are realized.

We design from a first-principles, “what’s the best possible solution” mindset, which results in innovative and cost advantaged operations for our Clients. Often, this means assembling standard methods or technologies in unique ways that provide distinct advantages.

‘Business case’ is integrated in everything we do.

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