The Maveneer team is excited to promote our former intern, Allison Cook, to Engineering Analyst. Allison joined the team in the Summer of 2019 as Maveneer’s first intern and impressed the team with her ability to handle a variety of complex tasks. She is knowledgeable in a broad array of engineering and business-related skills. Allison recently graduated from Southern Methodist University in May 2020 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

She is extremely attuned to detail which allows her to produce high quality work, which is the foundation of our organization and the basis of our Clients trust in us. Allison will focus on product and process design, analytical support, supplier relationship management and other business support functions. The variety and depth of her skills will be leveraged fully in her initial role at Maveneer.

“Maveneer is driven to surround ourselves with exceptional people to support and lead our high-quality designs. Over the last year, Allison has proven to be a quick learner, takes initiatives on internal efforts, and possesses a genuine desire to help anywhere she can that complements the team” said Cecilia Aponte, Operations and Recruiting Manager at Maveneer.

About Maveneer

Maveneer is an engineering design firm that specializes in the design and implementation of distribution center and manufacturing operations, both new and retrofit. Our teams possess expertise in industrial process design and industrial automation. We also have the expertise and operations background to successfully implement our recommendations and identify and manage risk along the way, ensuring intended benefits are realized.

We design from a first-principles, “what’s the best possible solution” mindset, which results in innovative and cost advantaged operations for our Clients. Often, this means assembling standard methods or technologies in unique ways that provide distinct advantages.

‘Business case’ is integrated in everything we do.

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